Why stained glass? That is a question I have been asked most in my tenure as a stained glass worker. I am a lifelong artist. My experiences started in childhood, which led me to study art in college. I started at the University of Oregon honing my skills in the lavish landscapes the pacific northwest had to offer. My adventures continued when I attended Parsons in Paris, France for a year, giving me a vast contrast from my previous experiences. Here I was able to find inspiration among some of the greatest artists in human history and started to see how art translates to not only the canvas but the landscape of a city. I finished my studies at Cal Poly Humboldt discovering how to not only be an artist, but how to make a career as one.

I returned to my hometown of Sacramento California full of inspiration and a drive to find a trade that could exhibit my ample array of experiences through art while also leaving my mark on the city that I feel so connected to. After much research and deliberation I decided to fully immerse myself in the world of stained glass. Seeing stained glass throughout my life and how those pieces not only showcase the beauty and soul of the artist but also become a part of the history of that city drew me to this medium.

Breaking into a small and very specialized field I began my research and worked with most of the established shops and artists in the Sacramento region until I felt I was finally ready to set off on my own and Aradia Glass Craft was born in 2015. Being one of the few women in the field made it difficult at first, but with my persistence and hard work I have formed relationships with many of the window companies in the area and collaborate with them when they have clients seeking a specialized accent in their home or business projects. I also am sought after to do repair work often on family heirlooms, broken panels/windows, and broken pieces of art the clients wish to bring back to life. I do all of my work out of my home studio and also do on site repairs and installs.

I have gained a reputation over the years for working closely with my clients so they can get a piece that represents their true vision. This includes keeping them involved in every step of the process from the initial design/layout to picking the colors of the glass, and explaining the possibilities (and limitations) the medium presents when connecting it all together with lead lines. 

In my training and experiences I have also become skilled in fixing wood and sash windows on old houses and historic buildings so they are able to keep the authenticity of the old in modern times. 

Glass Shops I collaborate with include:

For samples of my work please go to the gallery page to see what could be possible for your project.

Let's get started and contact me at 916-215-2195.