It varies greatly. Different colors cost different amounts. If we use beveled glass or jewels, that adds to the cost as well. The complexity of the design is also a major factor. There is a range of $100 - $200 a square foot. Glass and lead are expensive before we even touch it!

This varies quite a bit too. This business is unpredictable so lead times change every day! If we come to a design quickly and glass selection easily I'd say an average is 6-8 weeks.

Once we get in contact the process begins! We talk about your vision and you share with me any designs or photographs of other stained glass you may have seen that inspire you. We start a contract. Upon starting this contract which is signed and dated we take a deposit for the work. This covers all drawing labor and material cost. Upon delivery or installation of your custom piece the remainder is due. With your deposit we get to drawing. I typically provide at least 3 options. Sometimes one just fits right or we blend concepts. Within reason I will draw until you are happy. If there are too many changes a change order will have to go into place. (This almost never happens) We get to a place you are satisfied with the drawing, make glass selections, draw a full scale drawing and start cutting as quickly as possible. (Keep in mind, nothing in stained and leaded glass is fast)

-custom stained and leaded glass windows

-table tops

-repair and restoration of broken stained and leaded glass windows

-wood sash and restoration glass repair

-repair of zinc windows and doors

-on site repair (when applicable)